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The Artist

Hello, I'm Jo.

I've always been passionate about art and design, though my career didn't begin in ceramics. I graduated from Trent Polytechnic with a degree in graphic design, pursuing a career as a freelance designer for 12 years in London. 

My career in graphic design ended soon after family life began. I moved to rural Oxfordshire, which is where my journey with ceramics began. I created my first business, Uffington Potters, with another budding ceramicist.

Moonhare Ceramics marks a new chapter in my career. Hares are a local resident in the Oxfordshire countryside and feature heavily in my work, which is where the studio name was inspired.


I use a lot of colour in my work and my decorating technique using paper masks and coloured slip means that all my pieces are unique.


I have recently discovered the joys of pit firing, a completely different way of producing pots, resulting in individual, beautiful pieces emerging from the fire pit.

I hope to hear from you soon!